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Nikzads Rug code 421

Name Design: Raspina

Design Code :423

Size: All the size

Colour(S): Orange, Cream- Gray 

Design Type: Vintage

Material: Chanel

Light carpet is a new generation of machine carpet. Distinctive features of this product are lightness and anti-slip layer. This layer holds the carpet firmly on wooden, ceramic, stone and. Surfaces. This carpet is lint-free and is very suitable for children and people with allergies.

Storage conditions:
Light carpet is easy to wash and because it is light, it can be washed at home; It should be washed with lukewarm water (40 degrees) and mild detergent and then spread on a flat surface and dried. It is also very easy to clean with a vacuum cleaner.

Delicate texture

Has traditional and modern designs

And portable


Durable and color stable

Easy to wash

Lack of fluff and allergies

Anti-slip on surfaces

Reasonable price