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Nikzad Industrial Arts is a successful family business. We love textile industry and our family, generation after generation, has added to innovative and practial application of traditional rugs.

Art is the start and end of each of our products.
This art is rooted in:

  • Persian way of making rugs
  • Our family s pool of art skills
  • Undestanding new lifestylew

Our company is well equipped with two building blocks: ‘DESIGN” and using “MODERN TECHNOLOGY”. Our passion and dedication to rug-making is a key factor that binds these blocks together.

Our Values

Nikzad Industrial Arts is committed to FIVE key values:
  • Customer Delightg
  • Quality
  • Honesty
  • Innovation and Creativity
  • Long-term view to business realationships
We think of our customers as our prtners, and providing effective services and assuring their satsfaction is critical to our company.

Our Specialty

We are specialised in designing and producing different kinds of machine-made Traditional Modem, Decorative, Laminated and Soft Rugs.
Our powerful DESIGN capability is the result of years of innovation in our products, deep view to the beauty of rugs, and using modem design metods. Nikzad Industrial Arts is capable of designing carpets and rugs in differet sizes and designs.
Having specialised and modem machineries, effective production processes, and accurate quality control producing machine-made rugs in different sized and requirements.

Our Product Characteristics

Having Long family experience and using state-of-the-art technology, we provide products with such characteristics as:
  • Applicable an Economical, that makes them useful for different occasions
  • Top quality and resilient colour and texture, which makes them easy for washing
  • Hygienic and Non-allergic
  • Artistic and Delicate designs
  • Beautiful, Colourful and Innovativeness

Our products are well known in our base home: Iran; and well demanded in many countries.